The Weekend Wrap November 23rd

P1160020 (3)Well, we don’t have snow yet, but we are expecting a “wintery mix” today. So I decided to break out my snow and Hairy Woodpecker header to start this post.

The weekend began with an announcement that we now have a mask mandate. We are all supposed to be staying at home unless there is a need for food and prescriptions.

On Sunday they announced food shortages. Well, whoop-di-do! Do you know what that means? Everyone and their brother were at the grocery store trying to get food so that they don’t starve while they shelter in place.

The hardest thing for me today was watching several elderly people trying to get food and drink at the store. I could see the fear in their eyes and a sense of being lost.

I tried to help when I could. One old man literally was so upset he couldn’t figure out where to go to check out. I gave him my spot and reassured him it was going to be fine.

Meanwhile, as of tonight, we have 493 new cases and one new death. Things are grim. Our Thanksgiving holiday is Thursday. A time usually spent with family and friends. This year, people will be alone. The celebrations will be small or nonexistent.


I’m still cooking. I enjoy cooking. So I will be roasting a turkey, stuffed with chestnut dressing, serving up mashed potatoes and gravy, butternut squash and green beans and pearl onions. Dessert will be apple pie and mince tarts served with hard sauce and champagne.

It’s started to snow (Sunday night) and I am sure it will not amount to much. It’s just a reminder that winter is on its way.

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  1. I’m so glad you finally have a mask mandate, but annoyed, as I was here, at the run on groceries etc, it just isn’t necessary. I’m very glad you helped a fellow customer.

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