The Friday Five ~ January 1st, 2021


Well, here we are. A New Year! I recall last year thinking that 2020 would be all sweetness and light, and WOW, was I wrong! So good riddance to 2020 and Welcome 2021! Please be kind, gentle, and full of health for us all!

So as I sit here on the very last day of 2020, here are my thoughts on the last year and my wishes for the year ahead!

  1. My New Year’s Resolution in 2020 was to eat healthfully and lose weight. I did this. 2020 saw me lose 60 pounds and several clothing sizes.
    I still have more to lose and so I will start a new New Year’s Resolution once again, get back on the weight loss journey and work the WW Program.
    I think 2021 will be the year I finally will reach my goal! I will admit that I “enjoyed the Christmas Season” like crazy with all the sugary delights (It was delicious!), but now it is time to go on the sugar-free wagon and get down to business!
  2. 2020 was the year I had to face the fact that the “twins”, Arnie & Anneliese are frail and coming to the end of their time on earth. Anneliese more so than Arnie, although in June we nearly lost Arnie to Leptospirosis.
    Arnie was vaccinated for this disease, but occasionally the vaccines will fail and such was the case with Arnie. I noticed he was not well immediately upon getting out of bed. I took him out, and my little man couldn’t even lift his leg to wee. I came in, took his temperature and it was over 104.
    It was on a weekend, so I called the Emergency Vet, and off we went! He was examined, and at first, they didn’t know what was wrong. Then the on-call Vet decided to give him a “Snap” test for Lepto and sure enough, that was it.
    He stayed there overnight and into the next day while they loaded him up with the antibiotics and then he came home where I tended to him for a good six weeks during his recovery.
    With Anneliese, she has one UTI after another. Her kidneys are also not doing well, and I think she is probably close to making her last, long, ride to our Veterinarian. At 14 we are not going to take any extraordinary measures to prolong her life if it doesn’t get her a good quality of life.
    It’s been a wonderful journey with these two siblings from Greta’s first litter. But this part, the end part of their lives is the hardest part to deal with.
  3. The Covid-19 Virus changed everything in our lives. At first, we knew very little about this virus, and so we went to extreme measures. Jack stayed home, I would wear clothes, I could take off and wash in the basement when I came in from going to get groceries. I also wore a mask, gloves, and washed and washed.
    From March until June, I was so nervous, I clenched my jaw. In fact, I clenched it so much that I could barely eat a salad. This virus got the best of almost all of us. So much unknown. So much fear!
    I took over going to the Recycling Center, I took the car to get gas. If something required someone to go out into the world and do it, I did it and Jack stayed home.
    I was fortunate that Mandy and Matt and the kids were also isolated at home and so during the year I was able to get down a few times to see the kids.
    However, I miss seeing people smile. I miss hugs and handshakes. I miss just being able to pick up and go shopping when and where I want!
  4. I had surgery this year to remove three tumors from my face. The surgery went well, and the nicest part was that I was awake for the entire procedure.
    However, my insurance company is challenging the charges as they say it was cosmetic surgery which they do not cover! Ah, no!
    Not cosmetic at all. Quite necessary as the tumors were quite large and painful! I have appealed their decision and if they refuse to pay, I will hire a lawyer. It is not right that a medically necessary surgery should be denied like this.
  5. My hope for 2021 is that we will all have good health. I know it will be a while until we can return to not wearing a mask in public, and to be able to go shopping where you’d like without fear or worry.
    I will take the vaccine when I am offered. I have taken Flu shots for over 30 years and I am hopeful the Covid-19 Shot will become a safely used vaccine to prevent the craziness that has engulfed the World in 2020.
    Many people I know do not want to try this vaccine, as it is so new. But looking back in time I think of the Polio Vaccine, the Measles, Mumps & Rubella Vaccine, and all the others that made it possible for me to grow to the age of 62 without becoming sick from very serious, yet preventable illnesses.
    I will take this Vaccine for you. Maybe if I do, you will feel safe to take it as well. We all need to do something to end this terrible Pandemic.

So, my dear ones, may 2021 be a year filled with great happiness, a return to good health, and for the World to be filled with Joy!

Happy New Year, Dear Readers!


3 thoughts on “The Friday Five ~ January 1st, 2021”

  1. Happy New Year!! Here’s to a less stressful, & more kindness 2021!! ❤️❤️

    PS I will also take the vaccine

  2. It has been an eventful year for many of us, and certainly for you. Happy 2021. It has to be better.

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