Weight Watchers ~ Day 2


Yesterday was Day 1  of my going back onto the WW Plan. I think the first week is probably the hardest. You want sugar, fries, bread, chips…..but you also know that you need to set those all aside and eat healthfully.

After eating my yogurt and berries for breakfast, I made a huge salad, and also prepared some roasted eggplant for my lunch. I had fish thawing for dinner and apples to fill in those hours where you just want something to crunch!

I have 30 ounce Tervis Tumblers (they keep your drinks hot), which I keep full of first green tea and then chamomile.

But it doesn’t make me stop missing all those wicked good foods, that somehow pack on the pounds when I eat them.

I sort of wonder how skinny people, who eat the way I wish I could, stay so slim? It doesn’t seem fair, does it? I bet you it’s because they aren’t good cooks, right?

So, here I am, Day 2! I have my day’s menu planned and then I just keep going forward.

It’s not easy, but seldom are the things that are most important in life! I am determined though, so let the tea-drinking begin!

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