Winter Is Here!

Well, I woke up on Saturday morning, January 2nd to more snow falling! It was pretty, but right now with Arnie having an infection on his back, all that “wet” was not welcome at all!


I managed to get the pups to go outside and do their business before they turned around and rushed back into the house! After giving them breakfast, the day dawned and I took them out once again. That’s when I shot this video of the snow and our back yard!

In the end, I think about 3 and a half inches fell. Enough so that I asked Jack to get the snowblower out and clear paths for the pups.

The rest of our day was spent doing some prep work for dinner and of course, spending time taking care of our pups.

Arnie is doing better. For an old man, he still has so much energy! I’m so thankful he is healing so well!


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