Thoughts On Thursday

My heart is broken. I watched my beloved Country devolve into a wild, rioting, hate-filled morass! No one was there to protest peacefully. They were there to damage and cause nothing but trouble. Four people are dead. There is talk of removing Trump because he has become unstable. Let Pence serve out the next two and a half weeks.

What we need is peace. What we need is grace. What we need is for those who do support Trump, to step back gracefully, and follow the rules and the laws of this land.

If they do not like our Voting Standards (Which I do feel have become corrupt and need to be completely revised.) then, vote for people who will work on changing the system. I personally like Australia’s Voting Standards.

For right now, we must work together for peace. We must repair our Country from the damage that has been done to it.


2 thoughts on “Thoughts On Thursday”

  1. I expect good voting reform would favour Democrats, especially where there are inadequate polling booths in black areas.

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