Anneliese, December 10, 2006 ~ January 19, 2021

And then…there were two.

Tuesday was a very difficult day here. Our little Anneliese has not been well for some time. She had gone blind two years ago but still managed a good life. A few times she bumped into walls, but she would shake it off and go on.


She was operated on for breast cancer but seemed to bounce back. Even though we only expected to have her for a few months, she went a year and a half before going downhill. In the last week, she was not eating well, not excited about any table food we offered her. She told us that this was it. We had to let her go.

I thought back over her life. She was the last baby born in Greta’s first litter.

Dec 10 003

While her sisters and brother Arnie all came out quietly, Anneliese came out with loud puppy screams! It was as if she was saying, “Here I am World!”

Dec 10 018

She was the smallest pup in her litter, but the girl had spunk! She captured my heart and soul immediately!


As she grew I watched her closely. Her coat was tight and her form was beautiful. I knew that she was destined to have a litter or two.

Our first trip to Germany in 2009 was so much fun. No matter where we were as we traveled people were drawn to Anneliese. Her “wedding” was fruitful and she would go on to have 4 beautiful pups.

April 27 024

But it was our return flight from Berlin that presented me with my best memory of Anneliese. I filled out my Customs Declaration Form.

  1. Are you traveling with an animal?   Yes
  2. Color of animal?    Wild Boar.

Well as I reached the Customs area I was directed to a man who was checking animals. He apparently wanted to see the “Wild Boar”. As I unzipped the travel bag, the man took three steps backward. Out popped Anneliese’s cute little head and we all started to laugh!

jfk airpört

Anneliese was the kind of pup that loved people, but she was also reserved. Arnie is a flirt and gets all the girls, and Greta took no prisoners, she gathered fans easily. Anneliese was a happy girl who did her own thing. People loved her but in a very different way.


Since going blind, Anneliese became a bit more clingy with me. I would trip over her or bump into her, but that was okay. As long as she felt secure. I hand fed her, made sure she had her meds, and walked her each time with a leash, even in the deep snow and bitter cold. I wanted to always be there for my girl.

So today, it was just Anneliese and me who drove out to our Vets. I patted her and talked to her as I felt the life leave her little body.


Rest in peace, my darling girl! Thank you for being part of my life!

Four Feet

11 thoughts on “Anneliese, December 10, 2006 ~ January 19, 2021”

  1. Knowing what this blog post was about, I had to take a very deep breath. Don’t cry too much. She had a great life.

  2. How amazing that is was that from the moment of Anneliese’s birth she was well loved by you..she will always be by your side..❤️❤️

  3. Sending my deepest condolences for our girl. She truly was awesome! I will never forget her. I know she is in heaven with all of those we love.

  4. So sorry about your beautiful Anneliese. She brought you much joy and love and in turn you loved her and gave her a wonderful life. She will be in your heart forever xxx

  5. I’m so sorry Maribeth. Know that you gave her the most amazing life and that she loved you with every fiber of her being. She is waiting for you, on the other side of Rainbow Bridge, with Katie and all you other four-legged loves.

  6. I’ve been reading since before she was born. Cried as soon as I read the title. My Kylie was about Greta’s age and lost her in 2017. Never get over it but knowing we loved them completely and gave them a good life helps us go on . Rest In Peace Annaliese. ❤️.

  7. I am so sorry to hear about Anneliese. She’s been part of this blog as long as I’ve been reading (I think). Just take comfort in the thought that she had a very happy life with you! <3 Many hugs.

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