The Weekend Wrap ~ January 18th

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The weekend sort of slowly went by for me. As I am still getting over a winter cold, I chose to keep quiet, drink lots of fluids, and rest. At least half of the weekend. On Sunday it was sheet changing day and of course bed-making day right after.

I’m still engrossed in my book about ABBA, and it brings me back in time to when life was much easier. I had my girls in the 1970s and I listened to the radio a lot. ABBA was one of my favorite groups back then. And even now, all these years later, I still love so many of their songs.

I’ve also been watching movies, old TV shows, and just not focusing on too much happening in the world. I feel the hate each time I watch the news, so I avoid that at all costs.

Will it get better after the Inauguration? I doubt it. One thing that Covid brought to us all is depression. I do not see that going away any time soon.

So getting lost in books or old movies is a good thing for me right now. My brain just hurts from all the strife in the World.

Luckily, I have nothing happening this week. At some point, I need to make a grocery store run, but that’s about it.

Have a happy, healthy, and peaceful week.

Maribeth Dackel

4 thoughts on “The Weekend Wrap ~ January 18th”

  1. A veil will be lifted next week. While your world may not change, there will be hope and optimism among the decent people in your country.

  2. Hi Maribeth, Glad you had a quiet wknd..yes these are trying times that’s for sure.. and I’m afraid things are gonna get worse before they get better..we have to hang in there cuz I believe things will be better there is Hope.
    Hope Arnie & Annalise are doing good..Stay well, take care..Pam

  3. peace and serenity is NOT absence from the storm, but peace of mind when the storm is all around.. we cant stop the waves, but we can learn to surf.

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