This & That January 27th

The last few days I have spent a lot of time sleeping. It seems to be working as I am finally feeling better. Good thing too. It seems Lili and Arnie really need me.

Today I actually got up and took a nice hot shower. I ate a normal breakfast and after did the dishes, mopped floors, and then cleaned bathrooms. I know, glamourous, right?

By 11:00 I was spent! I sat down with my coffee and an apple and took a break. The break lasted through lunch, and actually, I didn’t get much else done before chopping vegetables and the meat for tonight’s beef stew.

If I can manage to wake with no fever, I really need to go out tomorrow afternoon, get the mail, and a few groceries. If I still have the fever, then things will simply have to wait.

Our little dog family of two is settling in. Last night around midnight Lili began to bark like crazy. Since she did not stop, I got up to investigate. Jack had forgotten to shut off the outside lights and as I neared the door, I could see some sort of critter outside near the bird feeders. I shone the super flashlight that I got for Christmas through the door glass and caught the eyes of a very wildly beautiful Red Fox! Below is a picture of what a Red Fox looks like.

P9170006 (2)This picture was taken last summer when Red Fox decided to come calling. He is a beauty that’s for sure. But I want to keep the dogs away from him/her as foxes can carry rabies.

So I’ll keep working on getting well, and then hunting down my own dose of the vaccine. Currently, it appears I will not be eligible for the vaccine until this summer. We shall see.

My dear friend in Berlin, Germany lost her dog on Tuesday due to old age. Both times I brought Anneliese to Berlin for breeding, we stayed with Uschi and her faithful dog, Noah. Anneliese and Noah died one week apart. I like to believe that Anneliese and Noah are now free of their earthly health problems and running wild and free and healthfully over Rainbow Bridge.

Anneliese and Noah
Me holding Anneliese while we snuggled with dear Noah.

It’s been a tough week, but it is my hope that both sweet Anneliese and darling Noah are resting in peace. They were both such good dogs and both will be missed.

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