TBT: Arnie & Me

Since losing his sister last week, Arnie has been very sad, very needy, and very clingy to me. For fourteen years Arnie had his little sister and he’s struggling to find his place in this new world.

Arnie was the only boy in Greta’s first litter. He actually wasn’t supposed to stay. He’s been reserved by a woman in Upstate New York. But at the last minute, she changed her mind. By then, we’d fallen in love with Arnie and he stayed.

Feb. 4 ArnieArnie had all the girls swooning. He is such a sweet and personable doggy and everyone who met him fell in love.

March 20 036Arnie always fit into our household. Besides being born here, he was the dog who always played well with the others. He was the one who actually comforted the other dogs when they were hurt or sick.

And as the others got sick and left us, Arnie has been the one that has comforted me.

June 10 010 copyHe’s such a handsome old boy. At fourteen he has a few gray hairs but his eyes are still bright and he still has that marvelous swagger when he runs outside. I am hoping Arnie will be with us for a very long time. I’m not sure I can imagine a world without him in it!

20200802_170927Arnie age 14.

3 thoughts on “TBT: Arnie & Me”

  1. It sounds like you both need each other to get thru this tough time..
    He sounds like a special boy❤️❤️❤️

  2. I he’s with you , healthy and happy for a long time to come ! Dogs are the best! Wish they lived so much longer than they do ! Devastating when they go but So worth loving them !

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