This & That On A Snowy Tuesday

Last night the Weather-Person forecast light snow starting just before dawn and falling until about 3 PM. It was cold, so we knew that any snow that fell would be light and fluffy.

When Arnie woke me at 5 AM, it was snowing and had already covered the driveway and patio. And as dawn broke the snow continued to fall. Very pretty indeed.

I was due to go in and have my teeth cleaned today, and I probably could have made it in the Highlander, but with a driveway that is 600 feet uphill to the main road, and then another high incline to get to my dentist’s office, I decided that this old girl should just stay home and reschedule my appointment.

Lili is the only one who is happy about this. She loves nothing more than to go out prancing through the snow, much like a deer would.

My boy Arnie looks quite dapper in his blue and white snowflake sweater. It is so funny to watch him in the morning.


He goes right over to the sweater and stands there waiting for me to put it on him. He loves the sweater, but not so much the snow now that he is an old boy.

Since the last two days have been quiet, I decided to see what shows were being offered on Discovery+. I got a special offer for this Streaming Service for a year. People should have warned me that you can get addicted to Binge-watching shows.

A show that caught my eye was a show about teenage pregnancies, and how it affects all the people involved. It’s called “Unexpected“. I find a very strange name for a show which centers on teen pregnancy when none of them are using birth control.

Having been a teenage mom myself, I can see a lot of my immaturity at that time in these kids. But at least I can say that my child was so wanted and that I did love her father for more than five minutes before getting pregnant. In fact, although we were teens, we actually were already married when I got pregnant.

The show follows them along through so much drama and childish tantrums. You know it’s a train wreck, but you just can’t avert your eyes. In the three seasons I have watched, only one girl understood what was going on, and worked to get her life in order.

There are more shows on Discovery+.

Food Network
Animal Planet
Discovery Channel
discovery+ Originals
Magnolia Network (formerly known as DIY Network)
Travel Channel
Science Channel
The Dodo etc.

I am sure I will enjoy many more hours of more educational television. I love the DIY shows and the cooking and the animal shows. I also appreciate no commercials!

Life is going on. Slowly, wintery, and quietly.

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  1. ‘She is having an unexpected’, was a common term when I was young. Often its meaning was she was not of good character if she wasn’t married and succumbed to a man’s advances. I’ve never understood how teenage girls don’t think they will become pregnant, but then I know little of female sexuality.

    Arnie reminds me of one of our dogs who when we went near the hanging dog leads, he would come over and sit by with expectation.

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