This & That ~ April 10th

So much has happened on Friday that I decided a This & That was probably the way to go. So, here we go.

First, my deepest condolences go out to Queen Elizabeth and the entire Royal Family after the passing of 99-year-old Prince Philip. I was thinking that Queen Elizabeth and Prince Philip have been prominent in my entire life. God Bless and let him rest in peace.

Friday was my eye surgery and it seems that all went well. I am just a little achy tonight and an early bedtime is planned.

My God-son is in the hospital with Covid. He is quite ill. So many people have told me that Covid is not real. Sorry people, Covid is real and affecting someone I love very much. He is young and wonderful and I am quite frantic. Please pray a little for my God-son.

For our anniversary we ate frozen lasagna made by Stouffers. I simply had no desire to cook today. Off to bed, I go.

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2 thoughts on “This & That ~ April 10th”

  1. As a non believer my prayers would not have much effect but I sincerely wish your godson recovers. His youth is to his advantage.
    Good that your eye surgery went well and I quite get you telling the world to go away and going to bed. At times, that is what you have to do.

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