The Weekend Wrap ~ April 12th

The weekend wrap 2The weekend really did fly by for me. I had planned a lot of downtimes so I could rest my eyes, and I will admit to sleeping a great deal on Saturday. On Sunday I was still experiencing sensitivity to light, so I walked around wearing my winter hat and sunglasses, thus shielding my left eye.

My God-son is holding his own. He was due to get his shot this week, but unfortunately, the Covid Virus got him first. His family is also ill, and they have all been so careful social distancing and wearing masks.

I know many of you think that Covid is not real. But it is very real to me. Not just my God-son and family have been hit with it, but one of my closest friends and her family were also stricken.

The weather here has been lovely. It reminds me that Spring is on its way! I am so ready.

I feel quite sad about Prince Philip of England. It’s not so much sad at his death, more, I think at a loss in my own life. You see, all of my life Queen Elizabeth and Prince Philip have been the head of the British Monarchy. All of my 62 years. It just seems very sad that things are now changing. I am not one that handles change well anyway. Now Queen Elizabeth is without her Consort. Change.

I guess this is about all from me. Being quiet means sleep and perhaps a movie or two. But not much else.

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