TBT: The Sound of Music & Me

Back in 1966, I played Gretl in our community theater’s version of The Sound of Music. Those were my wonder years as I was not shy and still lived in a world of childlike wonder. Therefore, I looked at the play as a great adventure, and no audience made me nervous.

img559I was the very youngest in the cast at just 8 years old. And when I look back at that time, I recall working with some of the nicest people I have ever known. I am the very smallest one on the end.


Both the woman who played Maria and the man who played Captain Von Trapp became life-long friends. They always treated me like I was their child.

img558I am just to the right of “Maria”.

Sound of Music Reviews 2I am not sure if you can read this or not. It is the review for the play. I get a very kind mention. But as I said, this really was a special time for me.

img567What a truly magnificent experience!

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