The Friday Five ~ July 30th

The Friday Five

Well, that sure was a quick month! Imagine on Sunday it will be August and then it is time to begin the planning for summer to end, buy school supplies and clothes for kids as they (hopefully) return to school.

But here we are, and this is what’s happening!

  1. Today, Friday, I am off to see my Glaucoma doctor. She will decide if I will need another laser treatment. Personally, I am hoping not. But we shall see.
  2. After that, I am going to visit with Mandy and my darling grandchildren! I really miss them all, but I have found leaving home is not so easy anymore.
  3. I found the most beautiful Lamb Chops at the store and when I get home on Friday night I will cook those up for our dinner. We haven’t had Lamb since before Covid came to call.
  4. This week a new summer dress I ordered via Amazon arrived. It is even prettier than I thought it would be.dressI have found during the last year I enjoy daydreaming my way around Amazon and I have gotten some nice things at good prices. This little dress is so soft and yummy!
  5. I will give my hand through the weekend and if it is no better on Monday I will make an appointment with an Orthopedic Hand Surgeon.

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2 thoughts on “The Friday Five ~ July 30th”

  1. You haven’t had lamb since March 2020? I hope you had a good time with Mandy and the kids.

  2. Love the dress, what is the item #. It would be perfect for Lukas birthday party outside next weekend.

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