The Weekend Wrap ~ August 2nd

  • weekend wrap 1It’s hard to believe, but here we are the first weekend in August! It was a quiet weekend, with me babying my wrist, seeing my grandchildren, and watching the Olympics. Or at least trying to.
  • Okay, we will start with the Olympics. Never before have I seen such poor television coverage of the Olympics. There was no comprehensive schedule printed, and then when I did see events that I wanted, Tennis, Gymnastics, etc, the actual performances were abbreviated, and I am sure somewhere they showed Alexander Zverevs Megal Ceremony, but by golly, I couldn’t find it.3142
  • I also was very upset over many events that occurred at the Olympics. Although I am sympathetic towards anyone who truly suffers from mental health problems, I feel that perhaps athletes should be honest with their coaches, and their doctors and be strong enough to walk away and give other people a chance at their dreams.
  • My wrist is doing better! Yay! I have kept it splinted 24 hours a day and I am happy to report that there is progress.
  • I got to see my grandchildren on Friday.20210730_114652

    I brought down some modeling clay and the kids had a great time making their beautiful projects, while they talked with me.20210730_110054

    Oh, how I miss those two when I am not around them!


    Me and my grandgirl, Savannah!

    20210730_114923Me and my crazy grandboy, Quinn!

  • We also went out for lunch and I had my first Lobster Roll of the summer! Oh boy! Was it good!
  • The drive home, on a Friday afternoon in the summer was crazy! The traffic was heavy and it took me over two hours!
  • I had my Glaucoma check-up with my doctor. The right eye that has had laser surgery is doing very well. The left eye is the bad eye and it is time to do laser surgery. Three weeks from now we will do it.
  • So, although it was busy, it was quiet-busy and I enjoyed that so much. Have a great week everyone!

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  1. There is usually some outrage about our television Olympic coverage but I haven’t heard anything yet.

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