And So It Goes

I could not check in for my flight at home. I got an email to come 3 hours early!

I got to the airport and they wanted to check Heidi’s paperwork and see the dog. LOL.

They had screwed up the reservation. So I quickly got the boarding pass.

Then, the TSA wanted to check my tote with Heidi’s stuff in it.

Well, what they freaked out about was the German Stollen bread I was bringing. Sealed in foil wrap and inside a box.
They dusted the box for explosives and found an unknown powder! It’s called Confectioner’s Sugar!
But that was enough to make them open the box, and xray the loaf.

Apparently Marzipan looks suspicious. So they insisted on opening the package so they could see if it really was food.

Do I look suspicious, with my Vera Bradley suitcase and purse and pink mask?

Now I wait for my flight. But I have to say I am still giggling!

2 thoughts on “And So It Goes”

  1. Oh my gosh, I know I am a few days late to this post but I can not believe what they put you through.. Good grief! And yes, you look SO very dangerous..beautifully dangerous :)… I hope everything went well from that point on.

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