And Just Like That…She’s Home!

Thankfully, I gave myself two days of flying and sandwiched in a day of driving to get my new dackel baby girl, Heidi!

I’m not sure that I could have done it in two days, so this was perfect! I got to my hotel on New Year’s Even, settled in, and got my “free Dinner & Drinks” It hit the spot after a day of travel.

At about 3-4 AM there was a Tornado warning for my area in Tennessee! Well, this girl is a Northerner and I was a tad rattled. But nothing could keep e away from my appointed task. Getting my darling Heidi!

I picked up my Highlander Rental and headed toward Kentucky, to my friend’s home. She lives in such a beautiful spot. Sad to see the devastation that the tornadoes a few weeks back caused.

Anyway, the weather on New Years Day in Tennesee and Kentucky was bad. Rain, winds, and the tell-tale black skies scared this girl. But not enough to put off my trip to get my new baby!


Despite the weather, I made great time, and then, there she was. There was our Heidi!

I got to meet her Mommy, Daddy, and even her Grandma Tadee! I would have taken any of them home. They were all special. Especially, Daddy Ralph and Mama Luna!

We were watching the skies and the weather reports, so I opted to take Heidi and head back to Nashville. I returned the rental car (Loved that vehicle!)  and stopped by the Delta Terminal to register Heidi and get our boarding passes. We got back mid-afternoon and settled into our room.


I went to sleep curled up with Heidi about 9:30 and slept until 2 AM when Heidi woke and was hungry and thirsty. So I fed and watered here, made sure she used the wee-wee pads, and then she fell back asleep.

I did not get more sleep as I fretted about our flight home. We left our hotel at 5:15 and got to the airport in no time. But it was there that Heidi and I had another weird thing happen.

When I got to the Security area, I was told to remove Heidi from her soft crate, which I did. Then I was told to go over to this female officer who said she wanted to swab my hands. Okay…then she swabbed Heidi’s paws. So weird, but it was later explained to me that between Covid, Ukraine, and other weird political things, apparently, our security level is elevated.

I stopped to get my car at Mandy’s and the kids got to meet Heidi. It was a love fest by all.

270378867_1082345115833513_6241353481483835589_nSavannah and Quinn with Heidi!

270070029_284442523551870_4177910233653229293_nMe with Heidi and Savannah!

I got home at 12:30 PM and then settled in to begin house training Heidi. She is doing remarkably well. She has just wee-wee’d for the last time tonight and I think it’s time for bed.

It’s been wonderful and exciting and it’s like Heidi has always been with us. We are so very lucky!

4 thoughts on “And Just Like That…She’s Home!”

  1. I am smiling as I read this and thanks for live updates.

    You hired a car the same as your own, except a bit newer perhaps.

    Well done you. Your planning was impeccable.

  2. WOW – amazing how smoothly this went. When I kept reading about airlines cancelling flights, I was so worried for you. BUT – HOORAY!!~~you and the little tyke are home safe and sound. And she is such a cutie!!!

  3. You had me chuckling at the airport security stories. Apparently grannies carrying stollen bread and puppies are highly suspicious!

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