The Friday Five ~ June 17th

Friday FiveAlthough I had nothing planned this week, due to it being Motorcycle Week, I have had a few things going.

  1. There has been a constant drone/hum of motorcycles from morning until the middle of the night. The next day, it would start again.
  2. I swear to God that most of the motorcycles need a new muffler! This is either very true or I am getting old and intolerant. It’s a total toss-up!
  3. We had some sort of critter chase down and shred a deer. We are not sure if it was a Bobcat,  a Fisher, or a pack of Coyotes.
  4. At this point, I sing at night while walking Heidi and Lili, and use a strong flashlight. I admit to being a little nervous.
  5. This past week I cleaned out all my old magazines. These magazines date back to the start of the Pandemic. That felt quite good to do. This weekend I want to tackle another closet or room. I need to get the house cleared for Heidi to go and run around. Now she is house trained, as long as the house is tidied up I can let her roam.

2022-06-16_07-51-10Have a great weekend!


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