The Friday Five ~ June 24th

Friday FiveJune is nearly done, and I have had so many thoughts on my mind. Good thoughts as well as sad. But mostly I am holding my own.

  1. I am the luckiest woman ever. I have this delightful and perfect puppy, Heidi in my life, and without even working too hard at it, she makes me feel so loved and so important!20220622_175701
  2. She is so adorable, but she has one thing about her that none of my other dackels have had.

    2022-06-23_06-17-17A stripe like this is on both sides.

    Just below each of her shoulder blades. Almost like Angel wings. In fact, I think Heidi is my little Angel.

  3. I’ve been watching ER. With so many years, it’s kind of a binge-watching marathon! I remember almost none of it!
  4. This weekend I plan to chill out. Do some laundry and try to get some rest. Recently I am not getting enough sleep and all of that makes Maribeth a cranky girl.
  5. Last week I lost 4 pounds on my diet. I weigh in just before my shower on Friday. I hope that my weight loss is a good one.

Have a great weekend everyone!


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