The Frustrations in Life

I am not one to complain too much…okay I am, but I’ve been trying to turn over a new leaf.

But today, when I received my sixth healthcare refusal from my governmental agency (the one that is guaranteed) I freaked out.

After pulling myself off the ceiling, I sat down with a pen, and paper, filled with determination to get answers.

I got my cell phone, and earpiece and I was ready to wait to be helped. The wait wasn’t as long as I thought it would be, and soon Victor came on. I told him that I was concerned because my guaranteed healthcare insurance was getting rejected all over the place. Why?

Victor explained that the current Administration had changed the ChampVA Healthcare payment protocols.

Okay, I understand people like to change things. But here is the deal. The Administration never told anyone! So, I am not the only person having this problem.

In the past when referring to a Primary Health Insurance the code was OHI. (Other Health Insurance). The current Administration decided to change this to Commercial Insurance. (No gray area)

I do not care what they call it. What I care about is that no one told anyone. They did not tell me, they did not tell the providers, and they did not tell their own people for over a year. Or in my case for almost two years. Some doctor’s offices still do not know.

I called one of my doctor’s billing departments today to explain it to her and she was shocked. But then, it all made sense to her as all of her governmental claims have been denied.

So there ya go. If you are disabled due to a service-related injury and your family has this insurance, be prepared. Be prepared!


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