The Price Of Life

I walked outside this morning to the cool temperatures. Again, I was wearing my winter coat. This made me laugh.

Coming in, I staggered over to the coffee machine, poured myself a cup, and thus, began my day.

I have to drive to Manchester today, and I have my drive planned out. After my appointment, I will drive to Market Basket in Tilton, pick up some staples and then get gas at BJ’s before driving right home.

Let’s face it. One must plan so as not to waste gasoline. I had a conversation with someone at the store. She actually thinks it’s a good idea (High fuel prices).

I bet she lives in a city with public transportation and that she has enough money to spend on fuel oil in the winter. If prices hold, I will be paying $1000.00+ a month to stay barely above freezing.

As it is, there is no public transportation here. We are on our own!

Oh well, that is that. Hope you all have a great day!


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