The Friday Five ~ February 17th


My week was incredibly busy. And on Wednesday, while attempting to juggle too many things, I dropped the ball and missed a doctor’s appointment. Not like me at all. But here goes my list for this week’s craziness.

  1. After surviving the -20 degree winter cold spell, and learning how to keep my pipes from freezing, I called first thing on Monday to order more heating oil. We took well over 160 gallons and once again my bank account took a big hit. I think it was about $750.00+ for the delivery. However, as much as I detest the price of everything, I do not want either Jack or me to have to sit in the cold and get sick.
  2. So I called for a delivery and not more than 15 minutes later the delivery truck arrived. I asked how he got here so fast. Well, they sent him the info on his truck’s TEXT system!
  3. I ordered myself flowers and signed them from Jack. He always tells me to get myself flowers, so I did, and they are lovely.
  4. On Wednesday, my crazy day, I had a Zoom Meeting at 9 AM, then since I ditched DIRECT-TV Satellite and opted to go for DISH, The Installation man arrived at 10 AM. He worked so hard to get the old dish down for me and put the new one up. I mentioned my advancing age, and climbing ladders in snow storms to clear the dish. Scarry for an old lady. The new dish is installed easily and I can reach it while standing on the ground with a broom to clear snow. I must say that my experience with DISH has been A+++ and I would not only recommend them, but heck I would do a commercial for them if they asked. Better picture, better volume, and more of the channels I want to see!
  5. Lastly, on Wednesday, Heidi was sick all day long. I think it was all the craziness of getting the new Satellite system installed, and then each time she goes out, the new dish scares her. Last night she hid in her bed until midnight. Then I went and brought her into bed with me. She slept soundly the rest of the night.

So that is it for the week. I plan a bit of rest for today and Saturday and then I am off to see Savannah and Quinn in their Community Play, “Seussical”. Savi has the lead and I can hardly wait to see her!

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  1. That was a bit of an eventful week. It’s a bit funny writing your own card on your own flowers. With such a huge volume of oil, maybe the business model says get there quickly in case the customer calls an opposition company.

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