The Friday Five February 10th

This week I realized that although I accomplished a lot I learned so much, and I am ready for Winter to be over! So here is this week’s Friday Five.

  1. Heidi had her first-year Vet appointment. She had all her shots and stepped on the scale, tipping it to 27 pounds! So I am cutting down on her treats, and adding in vegetables. Aside from her belly, she is in perfect health.
  2. I had gotten baby Heidi these nice foam steps when she came home. Well, Heidi thought the foam steps were toys! One she chewed and the other is safe so far. I sent away and got some heavy-duty plastic steps for her.326804943_579742657071360_5472845817506170059_nShe is a little concerned as she learns to use them and acts very much like a gymnast who is going up to the vault!
  3. I needed to get my garage door repaired, and take a load of trash to the recycling center. And all was accomplished with little fuss.
  4. I’m now 14 pounds down and going strong. I feel pretty proud of this.
  5. Lastly, today is laundry day. You know, wash and dry and hopefully fold and put away. The whole enchilada! I just hope that gets done. Then maybe, just maybe, I’ll tackle my closet.


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