The Friday Five ~ April 7th

Friday FiveHere we are on the first Friday of April. A lot of our snow is melted and in a few places, the grass is just starting to green. So, here is this week’s Friday Five.

  1. I brought Heidi out to the Vet again, but this time it was to get different food for her. She has now gone on food for doggies that may have allergies. So far she not only likes the food, but her throwing up has stopped.
  2. Our taxes are done and will go in the mail tomorrow! Yahoo! I really hate Tax Season.
  3. I’m revisiting the Showtime series “Homeland”. That was such a great series and going back like this you find many things you might have missed the first time.
  4. Today I will be going out to buy food for our Easter/35th Wedding Anniversary. This is the first time since we got married that our Anniversary falls on Easter. The other times Easter fell on this day were 1939, 1944, and 1950. So I am going to make a nice meal complete with lamb, asparagus, and a twice-baked potato. Dessert will be a Strawberry Creme Cake and Champagne!
  5. As the week ends I plan for catching up on a little sleep, a little laundry, and some good home cooking!

So that’s it for this week.  I wish you all a Happy Easter!



One thought on “The Friday Five ~ April 7th”

  1. That’s nice to have a wedding anniversary at Easter. Happy anniversary celebrations. In a photo I saw elsewhere, you are a handsome couple.

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