The Friday Five ~ May 5th

The Friday FiveWell, this week did fly by. It started with a trip across the State of New Hampshire which allowed us to see all the flooding that we have had. It’s a ride I used to make often, but haven’t since 2018. Anyway, hold on and here we go with the week’s Friday Five!

  1. Jack is still not free of that dratted Kidney Stone. We saw a specialist on Monday and right now I am trying to get him to drink copious amounts of water. I really do not want him to have surgery.
  2. It was Jack’s birthday yesterday, but he is so ill he cannot eat. He has lost a lot of weight I hope his appetite returns soon.
  3. My little darling, Heidi is doing great on her special food. Apparently, she does have allergies to things in common foods. Thankfully, Purina Veterinary Care Diet works so well for her.
  4. Our Fox has returned after being hidden during the 2The Fox is pleasingly plump and its fur looks thick and healthy.
  5. I need to get a pair of sneakers. After being shut in and wearing slippers most of the time during the Pandemic, my old sneakers just do not fit right anymore.

Well, that wraps up my week. This weekend is the usual laundry and cleaning. Have a good one, wherever you are!


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