Friday Five ~ May 12th

The Friday FiveWell, Happy  Friday, Everyone! It’s been a crazy week, but as I slide into the weekend, here are the five things I am thinking about.

  1. In just about six months I will have my 65th birthday. This means a major upheaval for my medical care, as the VA will no longer allow me to access my doctors. I’m bitter about this as I feel I’ve finally found a medical care unit that works for me. But, such is life.
  2. I’m actually sort of freaked out about turning 65. I recall my grandmother, and mother turning 65 and I thought they were really old! Aside from aches and pains, in my mind, I don’t “think old!”. In fact, I think at this time in life I’ve realized that I have lived more than half of it. There is no climbing the road of life up. At this point, I’ve hit the peak and I am now on the other side, wondering how many years I have left to wander this earth.
  3. Jack is still recovering from the kidney stone. I think I can safely say it knocked him down.
  4. Our window air conditioners go in today. Yay! It’s getting to the point that we will need to use them. Well, at least I will be. Jack is always cold.
  5. Spring has sprung up here. Flowers are blooming and trees are leafing out! Just lovely.

Have a great weekend and enjoy the sunshine


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