All Is Well

Something lovely has happened since we have been back. Our dogs are so happy to see us that they have all become little snuggle bugs!

In the evenings the three dachshunds manage to all get into my recliner and cuddle up. Usually Anneliese is on my legs, Greta next to me on the left and Arnie by my feet on the elevated foot rest. Oh yes, there is the love!

Fritz is even being pretty cute. He will come sit by my chair in the morning before Hubby wakes up, and in the evening he will lie at Hubby’s feet, showing his Daddy that he is happy to see him back where he belongs.

Today my stomach was feeling a bit yucky (I’ve never been able to go to Mexico without leaving with stomach problems!), and the three dachshunds followed me back to bed. At first all was well and quiet and I was being cuddled. Then Arnie started playing with Anneliese who jumped on him and he jumped back on her and suddenly the bed was rocking. Then Fritz came in and jumped up on the bed and finally I got up and put them all out of the bedroom. Then I slept until noon.

Now the day is nearly done and I’m sitting in my chair with my three dachshunds and Hubby has his boy Fritz.

All is well in our dogs’ world!

4 thoughts on “All Is Well”

  1. I just looked through the last posts of your trip and your coming home. What a wonderful trip you had. You know it will take you some time to get back to normal life and take it easy nothing runs away. I remember when we came back from our cruise through the mediteranian see and had seen so many countries, Italy, France, Malta, Spain, Turkey etc I also had the feeling to have taken an overdose, lol ! Your pictures of the ship reminds me so well of this trip. And every evening I played in the Casino Roulette (very reasonably) and always won my “pocket money” for the next day !
    Be happy that you made this blog diary I don’t have that, when we did the cruise in 2004 I hated computers and didn’t even know what Internet meant exactly.

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