Thursday Thirteen #56

Thursday 13

Why Our Cruise Was Great

1. Once we unpacked, we didn’t have to repack for the length of our trip.
2. Someone came in and made our bed and gave us fresh towels each day.
3. You don’t have to cook any meals. All you need to do is show up and eat.
4. The food was spectacular!
5. Needless to say, you don’t have to clean up after your meal either. (Yay!!)
6. People are polite. I think manners are a lost art, really, but on the ship everyone was pleasant.
7. We had great weather. Just one small rain storm, which lasted about 1/2 an hour.
8. We saw such beauty and many magnificent man made and natural wonders.
9. Such as the Panama Canal, and
10. the Rain Forest in Costa Rica,
11. also the wild Macaws in both Costa Rica and Guatemala.
12. We had some wonderful Central American foods, like plantains, rice and black beans, pulled chicken and flan.
13. The time spent together was sweet, and romantic. My birthday was special and unlike any other I have spent.

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10 thoughts on “Thursday Thirteen #56”

  1. Ah, yes, such wonderful trip…. I’m still dreaming about one 🙂

    Thanks for taking us with you on the route, it was spectacular.

    Glad that your birthday was special too.

    I actually learned a new English word now, flan, I have never heard that word before. So I had to look it up in the lexicon 🙂

  2. A cruise is something very special, I still “eat” from the one we have done in 2004 ! I so very much want to do another and dream of the Northpole !

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