It’s Good To Be Home!

It’s the start of the ski season here in New Hampshire. Hubby went off this morning quite early, but I stayed behind as my stomach is still not 100%. Once he was out the door, I lay down on the sofa and little by little the dogs came to be with me.

First Greta climbed on my shoulders and nestled her head by my neck. (A few kisses were exchanged) Then Arnie jumped up and claimed his position behind my knees. He placed his snout on my knees. (He brought his bone with him to chew on.) Then Anneliese came up and snuggled by my stomach, resting her head under my chin. (She just brought herself and was happy to cuddle!) Then, last but not least, Fritz came and slept on the floor in front of me.

I wanted to move, I wanted to shift off of my right hip, but I dared not move, for fear of disturbing the dogs. Soon I just fell asleep, and remained like this for over an hour.

I finally rose and all the dogs stretched and yawned. I made lunch and just after noon Hubby arrived after his first day on skis. He says it was good, although his legs feel like jello tonight.

You know it was sort of nice to cuddle with all the dogs today. I really missed them and it was nice to see that they missed me too.

It’s so good to be home!

7 thoughts on “It’s Good To Be Home!”

  1. Awww, what a wonderful snuggly morning 🙂 and I am absolutely jealous that your hubby went skiing… I need to go, too 🙂 🙂

  2. oh my goshhhhhh dog snuggles! Bonnie needs a bath, I don’t want to snuggle her because right now she smells of fretos.

    Welcome home!

  3. You should do that more often, your dogs would be even more happy, lol ! I know that “lacking of space” with my four cats, the fifths prefers to stay outside.
    No, I don’t want any shot. I am not working anymore and avoid crowds so who could give me the flu ?? A lot of people around me got sick after the shot, no thanks !

  4. You said it,
    your body (stomach) reacts very similar to my own (sad) experiences. My only solution is to lay down, on my back. head high (4 pillows). Who then come – the doctor best is: My Cat and her puurr. (Did you know that a cats puurr is better than “ultra-sound” – studies around the world have revealed the puurrs healing – it’s amazing)
    Tor.: stop talking, tell your wonderful blogfriend:

    May you and your family have a wonderful weekend – and do not forget to light the first light in Advent – and say the words that is.

    Thats a great tradition – you need not to be a – how should I put it – a “blind” believer – to create a good and positive atmosphere

    (grr – my english – allways lack of the right words when writing about such “things”)


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