I wish I could give you all a definitive answer as to whether Greta and Bernie accomplished the big one. All I can say is that they did get to know each other in very personal ways, and it’s my hope that June puppies will be forthcoming. I won’t really know for about three weeks. Then I can take her in and the Vet can palpitate her abdomen and feel if there are any babies in there. Oh how I wish there was an Early Pregnancy Test Kit for dogs! You know, I’m just crazy enough to walk around with that little stick trying to get Greta to wee-wee on it!

So, now I sit back and wait. I’ve decided just not to think about it until the end of the month. Still, I will be looking for those small signs that indicate pregnancy. Exhaustion, morning sickness and her desire to be held.


Meanwhile, I caught Anneliese snuggling up to my man! Do you all think I should be worried about the competition?

April 5 001

I have to admit that Anneliese is a sweet little girl, and I adore her. She has developed into a truly adorable and loving pup. I am looking forward to getting my yard back after the snow melts, so I can start working Anneliese outside on the leash, getting her ready for the German Dog Show in September. She is the last dog I will have to show to get her a rating. Whew!

8 thoughts on “Well?”

  1. Oh, how adorable! What a good picture.
    I have my fingers crossed that PUPPIES are on the way!!!!

  2. Yay! I am hoping there will be pups in june!
    oh, and you should totally get worried about anneliese as competition… look at her! *j/k* 🙂

  3. I am going nuts already, wish there was a way to get the “positive” answer before whole 3 weeks!
    That’s a sweet picture!

  4. She does look like a little angel! I hope that you had a nice weekend! Mine was good; had a nice time. Dainya and I did a girls night on Friday night, and stayed in playing board games…. I played in poker tournaments on Saturday and Sunday this weekend (1st on Saturday, and won “Player of the Year”, and 3rd on Sunday (out of 190 players!) I was very excited!)

    Hope you have a great Monday. I’m not feeling ready for another work week, but I’m here, and so it goes!

    Love you,

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