1500th Post!!!

This will mark my 1500th post on Dackel Princess. When I started writing, I wasn’t sure I had enough inside of me to write 10 pages, let alone 1500. But, here I am, still writing and still thinking constantly, “Will this make a good entry on the blog?”.

It gets that way, you know. You are out somewhere, innocently shopping or walking, or whatever, and you see something or think of something funny and you begin to write the blog entry in your head. One time I even got out of bed and turned on the lights and the computer and wrote down my idea.

You just never know where or when it will happen.

Like today. We woke to hurricane-like weather in St. Louis. The rain was coming down in sheets, and the wind was blowing so hard that the rain was blown sideways into buildings and windows while the trees whipped back and forth.

So what did Hubby and I do? Did we crawl back into our nice big bed and sleep another hour?

No! We got up, had a light breakfast, and off we went to the St. Louis History Museum to view their Grant and Lee Exhibition on its last day in St. Louis.

Sept. 13 041

This picture was taken yesterday when the sun was shining!

For my foreign readers I will tell you that General Ulysses S. Grant was the commander of the United States Army during the latter part of our Civil War, and his opponent was General Robert E. Lee, the commander of the Confederate Army. They squared off in many pivotal battles until Lee finally surrendered at Appomattox, Virginia, in 1865.

The American Civil War has always been one of the most interesting periods that I have studied, and Hubby shares my interest, so today we really wanted the chance to see what had been put together at the museum.

It was well done, with many photo’s, journals, and letters written by each man. The museum also provided a little color, by having a local militia come in full period dress for the closing of the exhibition. Well, you know me. Before I knew it I was talking to them all and having a great time.

Sept. 14

(Perhaps the worlds worst picture of me!)

Tonight is our last night in St. Louis and there will be a banquet for Hubby’s Army Aviator’s group. Tomorrow we will leave and head back to our little part of heaven, also known as New Hampshire.

12 thoughts on “1500th Post!!!”

  1. What ?? 1500 posts ! Geez, then you have a lot to read when you are old !! (I mean at least 100 !) I think I must have a little over 1000. The museum would have been very interesting for Mr. Gattino, he loves the history of the civil war ! I know a little too mostly because of “Gone with the wind” !

  2. I’ve given up on trying to blog things I think everyone else will find interesting. I blog what I think is, and if someone else comes along and likes it, then wonderful. If not, I can always look back to see what had been on my mind that day and ponder in retrospect.

    At any rate, congrats on your 1500! I think I’ve a ways to go before I reach that number, combining even my old and defunct blog.

    Peaking your interest in the Civil War, an ancestor on my mother’s side is General Thomas “Stonewall” Jackson.

  3. I don’t think it is the worst picture of you, in fact you look down right thin in that photo!
    Found out that the old guns we have most likely belonged to my hubbys ancestor who fought and died at Antedem, however you spell that. He was only 34 years old.

  4. Hi Mom,
    Glad to hear the St. Louis trip has been good! (Did you find any time for shopping? lol)

    Another Monday, and back at work again. The weekends go by way too fast…. I think M and I are going to look for a studio to rent in MA and start staying there 1/2 the time. Better alternative, I think, then trying to rent out my condo!

    Talk soon!



  5. Congratulations on 1500 – an impressive tally! I find that always having my blogging glasses on can be quite helpful – any potentially embarassing situations are somehow defused when you can think “Well, it’ll make good blog fodder!”

  6. Wow 1500, thats really something. And all these people are here reading what you have to say. Good work!! The museum looks really great, I’m glad you didn’t let the weather stop you.

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