A Bad Lobster?


I didn’t think it was possible. You go to the store, you find just the right lobsters and immediately your mind kicks in and you begin dreaming of the sweet lobster, dripping in butter (or in my case fat free, cholesterol free margarine) as it just melts away in your mouth.


Yes, when I saw Hubby coming toward me today with a bag containing two twitching lobsters, my heart skipped a beat.

Aside from dark chocolate, my favorite food is lobster. Since lobster is point friendly, I can enjoy that where I can’t enjoy dark chocolate. You see eating dark chocolate brings about more guilt to me, than a Catholic school girl getting caught smoking by the nuns at lunchtime, could possibly feel!

And I’m not even Catholic!!!

Anyway, I cooked the two lobsters up and we sat down. Hubby started to eat his and we found that his was a hard shell lobster that had somehow forgotten to shed it’s shell last summer, so all the meat was jammed in there and had gotten dry, tough and woody! Hubby tried to eat it, but it was just plain distasteful!

Bad lobster!

Since I love Hubby more than anything, I shared my perfect lobster with him. He enjoyed a claw and leg, and half of the tail, but basically, the dinner was a bust!

So what did we do with the woody tail that Hubby simply couldn’t eat?

Well we discovered that Fritz loves lobster.

Who’d a thought!

8 thoughts on “A Bad Lobster?”

  1. LOL! I bet Fritz thought he was in heaven! Sorry that both lobsters didn’t turn out perfectly – you just never know, do you, and there’s nothing more unappetizing than tough seafood. It really is inedible. Better luck next time!

  2. Oh good grief! I think I’d have taken that lobster BACK! I’ve never heard of that happening before — but then… I don’t come from Lobster Country! Are they as expensive up there as they are down here? I do love lobster! I’m sure Fritz was in puppy heaven!

  3. I would have taken it back.

    I have a Halloween/October treat for you on my Monday blog entry!! Stop by if you’d like to pick it up.

    Hope your weekend treated you well.

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