Apple Sauce

Hubby and I sliced, and cleaned apples today so we could make apple sauce. Once it was done, we put the sauce in plastic freezer bags and we put it in the deep freeze. We put together 2 big batches, with the help of the twins, and got it all put up.

Oct 11 001

Oct 11 003

This year instead of using sugar we used Splenda. As Hubby is diabetic and I am a Weight Watcher, we decided that this was at least, worth trying. WOW! It came out great. The nice thing is, with the Splenda, I can have some all measured out and it is point friendly!

On another bright and nice note I received a Halloween Treat from Hootin’ Annie.


I am honored by this and will now include it in my sidebar for the month of October!

9 thoughts on “Apple Sauce”

  1. Apparently it was fun with the twins, lol ! I went to the sea yesterday with my friend Ilona the weather was so beautiful better than in summer ! we took the train it’s only 1 1/2 h and since we are both 65 we only pay 4 โ‚ฌ return ticket. It would be stupid to take the car ! We had a wonderful day !

  2. Oh yes….I love applesauce! I’m gonna come over when I hear your freezer door open so I can be there when y’all have your first taste. And the idea of the ‘sugar free’ sounds just perfect.

    I am very happy to know you enjoyed your October treat.

    Happy Monday.

  3. Sounds good. Now the question is what do you do with your applesauce? Here in the UK it tends to be viewed as an accompaniment to pork and not much else. I happen to have a lot of apples at the moment, so suggestions would be welcome!

  4. Yumm! I was at a fall festival yesterday, and there were some folks pressing apples and making apple cider. I have no idea how it turns cider-y instead of just juice, but it was wonderful. The high temps brought out the bees, though, and they were EVERYWHERE! Can’t wait for the lower fall temps to arrive!

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