Oh, No!

I decided that after being away and cheating like crazy on my diet/maintentance program I needed to weigh in. I gained three friggin’ pounds! Shoot. Well, I did enjoy what I ate and trust me I ate a lot. Even the dreaded Carbs! I didn’t waste my calories on things like potatoes or bread, no not me! I went for the good stuff. Blueberry muffins and flaming rum pound cake! In fact, truth be told, I had two pieces of the rum cake!
Well, it’s back on the diet portion of this program to get off those unwanted pounds quickly. I went out to the grocery store and bought all sorts of great salad stuff and lotsa cheese and lean beef. Bye, bye muffins and cake!
It’s strange though. Some people can eat this stuff and not gain an ounce. Other’s, like me eat it over a four day period and gain three friggin’ pounds!
Not fair!!!!

One thought on “Oh, No!”

  1. It isn’t fair to be the type that gains weight so easily, but what can you do. The best plan is to do what you are doing, have a few things and then right back on the diet. I live that way. I used to try to eat really well all week long and then have a few extras on weekend. I acctually don’t have extras as much as I did before. Other than chocolate, I don’t crave or care too much about stuff. I just don’t like to cook. I like to bake, just not make meals.

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