Modem Woes

Yesterday things began to slow way down here on the old computer network. At first I thought it was just that my computer needed to be rebooted. So, I did that. But the problem persisted. So I called our ISP and asked if there was a problem with the cable-modem service. Nope. But she sent a signal to my modem and found a 75% loss! Okay, when are they going to bring the new modem over? TUESDAY! So for now I am limping along barely able to connect, send or receive e-mail. At least it is a weekend and I tend to be a little less computer involved on weekends. Still, these kinds of interuptions make me slightly crazed!

One thought on “Modem Woes”

  1. I REALLY think we are sisters. I’ve been having major modem troubles too! I finally had to buy a new one last night, and……. oh, it’s a long story. Long and boring. You don’t want to hear it.

    I THINK it’s working a little better now. I THINK. I still have my fingers, toes, and eyes crossed, so that’s why I’m walking funny today.

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