I spent part of Friday doing errands with Anneliese by my side. All I have to do now is ask her if she wants to go for a ride and she is at the door with her tail wagging!

I’ve been taking her along with me as I go around the town, to the Post Office, the Bank, etc. getting her ready for our trip. At first she was nervous and scared, but now she has developed self confidence and does very well.

So, we went around and did our errands before returning home. During our car trip I kept talking to her and encouraging her to go into heat! I have learned that Anneliese is a stubborn little Miss. She will go into heat when she feels like it!

I was looking at the calendar from the last two years and discovered that she goes into heat every 8 months. That is NOW!

So, I have my passport ready and will start thinking about the clothes I will pack for me. All I need for my girl is her cute little panties! I bet Isegrim will really fall for her when he sees those panties!!!

June 5 006

(This picture was taken during her last heat)

Don’t you think she looks cute?

11 thoughts on “Waiting…..”

  1. How sweet is that pin up shot of your girl. Maybe send it to her future “husband” to get his worked up. πŸ˜‰ She does look very cute in her undies.

  2. Don’t let VS see those panties, they’ll soon have a new line of “Pup” Panties for women, to bring out the animal in you! LOL! Love YOU! Mel

  3. LOL…she looks adorable in her designer panties! You crack me up, I too thought you were talking to her, in public and getting her already for her new hubby! Thanks for visiting me today sweetie…I bet you leave on Monday!!

  4. Please tell me she will be travelling in those undies! I want to hear how you are going to explain your mission to German customs! (And congratulations on winning flowers from Chris Cactus too! I have been enjoying your comments over there!)

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