On Friday my blog friend Rude Cactus asked a question on his blog.

The Weekly Hypothetical. You can go backward or forward in time – or just stay put in the present day – with a notebook and a pen to interview anyone for one hour. Who do you interview and what questions do you ask?”

I answered, ” I would go back to 1985 and I would interview my daughter Katie. I would ask her about what she thought about life, happiness and love. I know it wouldn’t be profound for anyone else but me, but oh those moments would mean so much!”

Posted by Maribeth at February 6, 2009 1:27 PM”


I found out today that I had won a bouquet of the flowers of my choice. So I went over and selected this rose plant. We used to call Katie, Rose-bud as a nickname, so it seemed appropriate.


Plus I figured that the plant would live for a long while reminding me of Katie and of my friend.

So, thank you Chris, for this. It means more to me than you can imagine. By saying what you did and by supporting me over the years, you help to honor my daughter.


8 thoughts on “Flowers”

  1. Awwwww Maribeth… you answered that question perfectly! I know what you wouldn’t give for just another hug on that little girl…

    Congratulations on the roses too… they are beautiful!

  2. Beautiful flowers, Katie looks like a rosebud in that photo. So many people think about her and remember her, and through your blog, more than you will probably ever know. I know I think about her. Love, Michele

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