No Dackels In Berlin!

Today we went out in an attempt to find a small wire-haired dackel toy. We searched high, we searched low and we could not find one dackel toy in all of Berlin! I saw many other things I liked, but the one thing I kept asking myself was, “Can I fit this in my suitcase?”. Usually the answer was no, and so Hubby will be happy to learn I have spent very little during this trip.

I am enjoying seeing what Weight Watcher items are in the shops. Today I found an entire display of their foods!

WW products

I wish they sold these in America! I would be a very happy girl!

ww close up

Uschi and I went to several Malls before I realized it was after 2 o’clock and I needed to eat. We stopped at the Food Court and I had a Curry Wurst and a nice cold beer! It was wonderful!


A choir was singing at the food court and it was really nice to listen to while we ate.


We headed home late in the afternoon and stopped to buy dear Volker some cakes to have with our coffee. Volker had stayed home with Noah, Uschi’s seven month old chocolate Lab puppy and the sweet Anneliese, who will be meeting Herr Isagrim on Saturday for their first tme together!

My favorite cake has always been Mohn Kucken. This is made with Poppy seeds and is wonderful to taste!

Mohn Kuchen

Now we wait for Anton, Usch’s grandson to arrive for the night! What fun it will be to have him with us! Tomorrow we go to a specialty garden and dog store to browse around.

Don’t forget to say Hi! I miss you all!!!

7 thoughts on “No Dackels In Berlin!”

  1. HI! My phone isn’t ringing with you on the other end, sigh! I have Taft and Luke here, a sleep over last night and fun day today. Love the pictures! Love YOU, Mel

  2. Yup I am still here and still reading. Looking forward to hearing that the intended dackel couple fall madly in love on their first meeting. Keep having fun.

  3. That little hunk of poppy seed cake has done me in! I’m drooling all over the keyboard!

    How can there be NO dackels in Berlin? That’s crazy!

  4. Reading as well.
    It’s relly a pitty that Berlin is a bit far from us.
    I am off sick (again) and this time I am really sick and I am on my Sofa since Tuesday evening.
    My parents visited me today, so it was a nice afternoon anyway.
    Enjoy your time and post some pictures from tomorrow!!

  5. Your title startled me very much! I was wondering if Anneliese’s hubby wasn’t there or something.

    They sell some WW foods here, but I’m not sure if they have the larger meals or not. Haven’t looked. Wish I’d thought of WW 😉

    Oh yes…poppy seed cake…that looks good. Don’t go for a drug screen soon. 😉

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