White Berlin!

I woke on Thursday to find it snowing once again here in Berlin! Oh dear, I think the Berliners will all blame me for this frosty winter! After all, I come from the land of snow back home in the USA!

We have had Anton overnight. Oh how wonderful this is. He hasn’t been taught any English yet, but like most children he is already parroting back what I say to him!


Anton cleaning

Anton loves to help and he is very good at cleaning the kitchen floor! Oh boy! I am having so much fun with him! In fact he even helped me today when I was writing Dackel Princess!

anton helps me

Uschi and I took turns reading to him. Now this was quite funny because my German is really poor, even at a pre-school level!

Oma Reads

Anneliese thinks the snow is wonderful and she goes out and runs around the house the a crazy dackel! Her favorite thing is to plow head first through the snow!  She is happily waiting until Saturday and I’ve kept her relatively quiet.

mb and noah

I was quiet today as well. I think the Jet Lag caught me and I have felt very tired. So with all the snow coming down, and being this tired I decided to just hang out today. Noah took advantage of this and I found him in my lap quite a few times, with tons of kisses! Tomorrow we have great plans to go out and visit a few places in the area. Shopping or at least window shopping!

Have a great day everyone!


5 thoughts on “White Berlin!”

  1. I’m so glad you have such a great time in Europe and thanks a lot for all the lovely reports. Great pics and great read!

    Wishing you a wonderful end to your week 🙂

  2. Yes we are getting hit heavily with the snow here in Norway as well. I am glad you are all having a good time and Anneliese is enjoying Germany!! Just hope Noah isn’t her partner, he’s a bit big!

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