Tomorrow Is The Big Day!

Tomorrow (Saturday), we head to see Isagrim and hopefully have a successful mating of Anneliese with her German boyfriend. I’m nervous, both for her and for me. We will be leaving right after breakfast as our date is at 11 o’clock.

Today it snowed yet again! I have felt right at home here with the weather as New Hampshire often has periods of time like this, where it snows every day. Anneliese is thrilled because she loves the snow and has had a lot of fun running through it.

dackels through the snow

me and anneliese

I was able to get Anneliese out quite a bit today as Uschi’s yard is nicely fenced with a large play area in the back. Anneliese was a very happy girl!

frnt house snow

As you can see the deep snow was beautiful and even though it was a tad messy we enjoyed it. In time, we needed to go out to get the groceries for the day and Volker worked hard to clear the garage and the driveway for us. The roads were not too bad and we had a great time at the shops with Anton. Have you ever noticed how having a little child with you can make the most ordinary trip extraordinary?

Volker and snow

When we returned from shopping we watched “Mama Mia” while Anton slept. I was so pleased to share this movie with Uschi, because it is one of my favorites! Then Anton’s Mommy arrived from her job and Anton woke and we had coffee.

Mr Anton

Volker is setting up the GPS for tomorrow and supper will soon be ready. Here is a little dose of cuteness to keep you until my report about Saturday’s events! This is Anton with his Papa’s glasses!

4 thoughts on “Tomorrow Is The Big Day!”

  1. The snow pics look amazingly amiliar… You could be at home and we would not know a thing!!!! lol lol lol

    Oh, and what’s with the Mama Mia thing (again)??? Just joking, I actually watched it on my long flight home from Qatar this week (along with 4 other movies and I still got 5 hours sleep!). I thought it was a great movie, and I am glad I got to watch it as Lou does not like anything that has spontaneous leaps into song!

  2. Finally catching up with your blog.
    Looks like your trip went very well. Anton is adorable, the snow is gorgeous (to look at!) and I hope there’s some puppies in your future.

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