The Puppy Room

I took big old Fritz in to have his yearly shots today at our Veterinarian’s office. He was an angel and even though he is strong, he did obey me when I told him to sit, to wait and to get into the car. In fact the command to get in the car was hardly out of my mouth when he leapt into it!

Dr. Chris asked if I had the puppy room set up yet, and he also asked how Miss Anneliese was doing. I mentioned that she was doing well, but pretty much stays in the kitchen now stretched out on the throw rug in there.

So Dr. Chris mentioned I might want to set up the puppy room so that Anneliese has a chance to get used to it.

I came back home with Fritz and once I settled him down, I looked at our mud room to determine how to go about this transformation.

I have a table in there that we use under our mirror to hold our hats and gloves in the winter. Okay, that would go into our dining room. Check!

Then we have a bench that holds all the yard toys for the dogs, and extra gloves and hats. Okay, that goes into the dining room too. Check!

We have pegs on the wall that we hang up our jackets on, so all those jackets needed to be moved into the front hall closet. Check!

I got out the vacuum and cleaned everything with that, and then got out the disinfectant and washed everything down. Floors, walls, etc. Check!

I sat down long enough to watch “All My Children” (yes, I know, no snickering please!) then got out the kiddie pool and washed it down with disinfectant too, dried it and put it in the puppy room. Check!

I brought out the towels, all my birthing supplies and placed them in a tote bag which I hung on a peg. Check!

So in just 12 or so days we will be welcoming little bundles into our home and they will settle in the puppy room, with their Mommy, Anneliese and their Granny, Maribeth.

I can hardly wait!

10 thoughts on “The Puppy Room”

  1. Now I wonder how your dining room looks like, with all these gloves and hats, lol ! Don’t eat one by mistake !
    and I agree with Mel the count down begins ! Suspense !

  2. Oh how exciting! I was wondering WHY you had to get the puppy room ready so early… I didn’t think about Anneliese needing to get used to it. SHOOT! WE aren’t given the chance to get USED to our birthing rooms!!! LOL! Spoiled puppy… :p I really AM getting excited!

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