I was amazed at the brightness of the day, and although it was very cold and windy, somehow the sunshine made me feel like spring had really come to New Hampshire.

I was up early, and turned on the coffee. Then I put on my coat and went out to walk the dogs.

I am beginning to think that perhaps some evil household appliance ghost is haunting me, because when I got back, instead of finding a nicely brewed pot of coffee, I found the coffee had jammed the drip area and spilled all over the counter top! A little had made it into the pot, so I took a cup and filter, and poured some into the cup, so that while I cleaned up the coffee mess, I did, at least have a cup of coffee to drink.

Once the coffee mess was cleaned up, I made breakfast. A WW modified version of French Toast/Bananas Foster! It was really good!

Just as I finished cleaning up the kitchen, Anneliese stretched out before me. All of her! Oh my goodness she gets bigger by the second!

April 12 002

She really enjoys sunning herself.

April 12 005_edited-1

Do you see this belly? Amazingly big!!!

April 12 001

Well, we will find out on Friday how many little babies she has inside, and then really it is just two weeks from now until the puppies are due.

Our Easter dinner will be roasted lamb, roasted potatoes, and asparagus! All my favorites.

I hope you all had a blessed Easter or Passover!

7 thoughts on “Easter”

  1. I think she will have 4 ! it goes so quick already in two weeks the babies will be born ! I have no idea how long it lasts with a dog.

  2. My guess will be 6 little pups! Hope you had a nice Easter! M and I went to Foxwoods to play some poker. We had lots of fun, and did very well playing poker as well. We had a full movie day yesterday (I should say movie/laundry day), which was just exactly what we both needed! Have you seen “The Boy in the Striped Pajamas”? That was one that we saw, and it was very well done. Quite sad, but very good. We also watched Quarantine (scary, very good), Eagle Eye (a little over the top, but also good) and the Happening (our least favorite of the batch, but not terrible).

    Love you lots,


  3. Lovely big puppy belly! I think she looks “Super Delicious!” LOL!
    Glad you had a good Easter. Love YOU, Mel

  4. We had roast lamb too, with so much garlic I’m surprised you couldn’t smell it from over there! It was a nice Easter, and the sun is still shining today.

  5. Yea… Spring is slooooow arriving this year — but maybe then it will stick around a little longer before we get stinkin’ hot! I think she has 3 wee ones in there! (first litter) But I can’t wait to find out! I love just a little bit of lamb — but no one else in my family likes it at all – so we never have it. I do miss that.

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