I attended my very first protest rally. I’m 50. I was a little too young to protest the establishment, in favor of flower power in the 1960’s and I actually thought that Saddam Hussein needed to get his butt kicked, so no protesting there. However, today, I felt very strongly and despite my migraine, I went out with Hubby and we protested.

What The Tea Parties (Taxed Enough Already-Protests) Are About.

It’s about spending — too much spending, to be specific. Too much taxing. The idea that a business is too big to fail is anti-American; we’ve always been for the underdog, but why should we be bailing out AIG or GM or Ford, etc.?

It’s about putting my family — my children and grandchildren — under $12.8 trillion in debt; all it took was two presidents and six months.

It’s about power — too much power going to federal government.

It’s about corruption — too much corruption, in both parties.

So we went to the State Capital and stood with our fellow New Hampshire-ites to protest the craziness in Washington. I don’t think it matters if you are a Republican or a Democrat.

Today I was an American, who was fed up with what my government is doing, and because I still live in a free country, I protested!

I love my country, but right now, I am not happy with the way it is being run. Come on people, you can do better than this!

4 thoughts on “Protest!”

  1. Tomorrow is the big day! Can’t wait for the news! What time is the appointment with the vet!?

    Love you lots,

  2. I very well understand your protest. No doubt upon that.

    Here we have 25% VAT, 13% on food. Average income tax between 32-51%. That’s only the beginning.
    I say no more.

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