The Big Day

Here we are. The Big Day! I will be taking Anneliese in to the Veterinarian’s Office at 9:30 this morning for her x-ray! I’m beginning to think that she has a few babies in there! She is huge, and she still has 10 days left to go!

I started to take her temperature today. You see a normal doggy temperature is 100-102 degrees F. When the female’s temperature dips down to 99 degrees, it means that delivery is imminent.

I also got out my delivery kit, and will be washing out all the towels and doggy blankets over the weekend. I also have the warming block for the whelping box. It’s simply a pink disc that you can put in the microwave, wrap in a towel and place in the whelping box with the babies to keep them nice and warm the first few days. If we have a cold snap, I’ll break out the space heater.

Once I get back from the Vet’s office, I will post a picture of the x-ray. So check back later on to see the x-ray and find out how many little ones we have in there!

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