4 or 5!!!

Here are the x-rays! We could clearly see four little heads and spines, but suspect a fifth head and spine lost in amniotic fluid. The red arrows point to the confirmed pups. The blue arrow is the suspected fifth one. Just click on the photo to get the largest picture.

April 17 4 5

April 17 003

April 17 001

14 thoughts on “4 or 5!!!”

  1. Hi there you guys…

    These pics look SO amazing!!! I can’t wait to see those puppies…

    I did just try calling you, at least, I hope I got the number right! I left a message on your answering machine (or someone else!). 3.50am here in Sydney, can’t sleep, but about to shut down computer and try…

    Take care *hugz*

  2. Ohhhhhhhh HOW cool! That is WONDERFUL! That’s a good many for a first litter isn’t it? So… are they girls or boys? What d’ya mean you don’t know????

  3. Oh Maribeth that is so wonderful! Lots and Lots of little spines and heads in those xrays 🙂 Here is hoping it is 5 and they are all healthy as all get out.

  4. The xray pics are awesome. Hannah was not sure about them, she did not understand that they were xrays of puppies 🙂 Cant wait till they arrive!

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