Her Baby Is A Duck?

Anneliese spends much of her time now in this little bed in the kitchen. She seems content out there where it is quiet and she can monitor her food dish.

April 19 006

Anneliese received a stuffed mallard duck today as a “shower gift”! How sweet it was, to watch her with this ducky. She has it on the little bed and snuggles it and keeps it close.

April 19 014

In some ways it seems that the ducky soothes her and brings her some comfort as she gets bigger and bigger. The days are slipping by and more than likely, by this time next week she will have several squealing newborns to contend with.

But for now, her baby is a duck!

9 thoughts on “Her Baby Is A Duck?”

  1. She’s the kind of dog that would most likely “MOTHER” other animals, you read about them from time to time. Love YOU, Mel

  2. Wow ! 4 or 5 ! I just catched up on your posts. That’s more than I thought. She looks great and date gets closer and closer !
    I was quite busy with cleaning the tiles around the house and a little work in the garden, so that I just had time to do my posts and answer the comments. Now everything is done and I have more time.

  3. Why hello there,

    Its nice to meet you! I heard about your expected babies from my friend the Pink Chihuahua Princess! I hope you enjoy your baby duck for the time being! Good luck with your puppies!

    Happy Trails
    Ziggy Marley

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