Another Chip Down

Before I tell you about the amazing Dackel Princess Puppies, I want to start by mentioning that my laptop memory chip has blown once again! One second all was well and then “the blue screen telling me to re-seat the memory” came on. I cannot write the words that came out of my mouth, as I would be banned for all eternity on the Internet, but it wasn’t pretty! So, once again I am banished to the office!

Okay, we had all four puppies outside today. They did well, ran around for a while and then came in and slept for two hours! I am hoping tomorrow will be a nice day so we can do it again. You see, my pictures, and my video are on my LAPTOP! (That worthless piece of garbage……) I had them all set up, sized and ready to go when I glanced over at my laptop and found a blue screen with the error message.

So I apologize for not having the promised pictures of my gang. I must begin to repeat “I always must back up my documents every day…I always must back up my documents every day” as I simply do not trust the laptop any more.

Back to the puppies. When they first got put down onto the grass, they froze. Then they each began to sniff and feel the grass. Bogey really liked it and he seemed to start moving around before the others. Soon, Baron tackled him and the two girls played by my feet. Then they were playing and rolling in the grass and Birgit (Ali) decided to be the first one to poop on the lawn! Yes, we are so proud!

After about 45 minutes I brought them all inside, gave them some water and they promptly fell asleep. Anneliese kept going in and staring at them. A few times she even barked at them. And tonight she even nursed them voluntarily! Perhaps they are growing too fast for her too.

I know it’s all going by far too fast for me.

4 thoughts on “Another Chip Down”

  1. It really is flying by, isn’t it…

    Sorry about your laptop. As a fellow user of a POS laptop I can deeply sympathize.

  2. So sorry about your computer. I Love the little bit about the pups outside. It does make for good sleeping and eating with all that fresh air and exercising. Love YOU, Mel

  3. Youuuuuu gotta be kiddin’! And we had the SAME computer you once told me! But I had NO problems with mine – until I fed it coffee. So far the new Dell is working great… I think I’d be lookin’ into a Lemon Law or something!

    Do you still have the puppy photos in the camera? Or on the chip? I hope so!

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