What A Day

In anticipation of puppies arriving very soon, Hubby and I took to the Market and did our fair share of buying. I stocked up on dog food and puppy food, and yes, I picked up my glasses.

Aug 18 006

So, here they are. What do I think? I think it is wonderful to be able to see again!

We got home and I found some beautiful pictures waiting for me of Ali and her very own little girl, Faith. Faith’s Mom is a professional photographer in Michigan and as you can see she did a great job with these!




When I saw these pictures I started to cry with happiness. Ali has a great life with Faith and her parents. She is greatly loved and then she is a real dynamo out in the field learning to track with her Dad. Thank you so much for these great pictures!

Greta is getting bigger by the second. Since today was in the upper 90’s, we had our air conditioners going just to keep my little princess cool and comfortable!

Aug 18 010

Aug 18 014

She is so close to having her x-rays and I am just dying to know how many babies she has in there.

Aug 18 008

7 thoughts on “What A Day”

  1. Awww, what beautiful pictures! Faith and Ali look like they were made for each other.

    Hoping for an easy delivery for Greta. I’m sure she’s ready to get those pups out.

    And your new glasses look great – very feminine.

  2. That’s a great pic of you in your new glasses, and love the pictures of Faith and Ali together. It is so nice that the new owners are supplying you with frequent updates and photos. I’m sure all of your “dackel followers” are appreciative as well!

    Love you lots,


  3. Geez, Greta’s belly is ready to explode ! I still think there will be four ! Your glasses look great on your nose, they are more or less exactly the same model I have, light and discreet. It suits you very well and at least you can see the dust in your house again, lol !
    I came back yesterday night, my heart is bleeding, such nice holidays and my little half day walk through London brought back so many souvenirs.

  4. Faith is a BEAUTIFUL little girl! And her MOM did a BEAUTIFUL job with those pictures… WOW! Every girl and her puppy should have such pictures! Makes me want to take Krysti & Kitty to be photographed together! (probably would have been cuter when she was 6 though…) LOL!

    You better HURRY and get Greta exrayed before she gives birth!!! Are you suuuuuure she didn’t get pregnant two weeks sooner???

  5. Cute glasses!
    I so appreciate the pics of my little Ali-she was always my favorite and I’m excited to see she has her own girl!! I hope we continue to get pictures. 🙂

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