My Little Pot Bellied Piglet!

It was another hot day here in New Hampshire. The air conditioners were going full blast and I tried to keep Greta as comfortable as possible. I did force her to pose for a few pictures and the short video as well. Yes, I’m sure she will extract her revenge by keeping me up all night while she delivers these puppies!

Here is Greta sprawled out on the kitchen floor.

Aug 20 008

I know just how she feels, as having had two big babies, I also felt like a beached whale!

Aug 20 011

Lastly, I got this short video which shows how much she is waddling and tipping over.

I will post as soon as we get back from the Vet’s. Our appointment is at 3:00! I can hardly wait!!!

11 thoughts on “My Little Pot Bellied Piglet!”

  1. It’s been terribly hot around here too , poor Greta with that extra (but sweet!) weight… Can’t wait to hear the news!

  2. I see we have the same feeling with the temperature, in Spania with Mar, Belgia with Gattina , France and New Hampshire! Your little lady is so nice on the video! Can’t to know about the puppies!!!

  3. Poor baby, or rather futur mom ! We are melting too. We had the hottest day in Belgium yesterday 36°C in some parts even 38° which is 100 ! We are not equipped at all for such a heat. I do like the Italians, open wide all windows early morning, close the shutters when the house is fresh and keep the windows open only a little. Then it stays more or less cool. We also have a ventilator in the living room. Which helps too. My airconditioner on wheels is so hard to connect and pull out from where it is, that we didn’t use it this time. Fortunately because today we are back again to normal 24°C !

  4. Hey! was fought off that much, but rest assured, I am NOT the father either !!!!! 🙂 lol lol

    She really is becoming a chubby mummy now! As I said on B, I will put a fiver on 6 babies…

  5. What a waddle! She’s looking BIG! I can’t wait to hear how things go at 3 today! Love YOU, Mel

  6. How adorable she is! I saw SO MANY little Dackels in the Czech Republic, they are so cute and have so much personality. I saw them walking, running, in little carriers, you name it. What a great breed.

  7. Oh bless her sweet little heart, she is adorable with that waddling of hers and when she tipped over I just went awwwwww! Can hardly wait to hear how many babies are in there. I think she looks bigger this time than last.

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