I will now stop being one of those people that says they never win anything, because I’ve decided that it isn’t true. I actually do win things and I am blessed.

Recently a great Blog that I read A Glimpse Into Midlife had a contest and the winner got a Mennonite Cookbook from Paraguay! I am so excited! As you all know, I love to cook. So once I receive the book, I will make something and document the event.

Thank you so much Betty!

I hope you all will pop over and say Hi to Betty and tell her I sent you!!!

2 thoughts on “I WON!”

  1. Winner winner! Congratulations on the book. I have a link to some Mennonite ladies who cook like crazy. They have a new recipe everyday, and some days they ponder some scripture. I find it very interesting…both the recipes and their understanding of the Bible.

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